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Ben Wray’s popular series addressing questions of left organisation in the ‘New Scotland’ is now available as a FREE PDF.

Ben examines the character and composition of the Scottish political environment before arguing for: an electoral party; a professional attitude to training and expertise; politics rather than simply beliefs; for a ‘tolerant democratic discipline’ in the organisation; for a strategy based on ‘revolutionary reforms’, and for a re-examination of the relationship between party and movements.

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Women on the Left

Various authors

The Women on the Left series started on the website of the International Socialist Group in January 2012, after a meeting in which the women of the ISG discussed the lack of literature available on the subject of women’s part in revolutions, anti-imperialist struggles and anti-capitalist actions. We decided to do something about it!

The series is not exhaustive; of the many millions of remarkable women who have, throughout history, fought their own individual and collective struggles, we have touched, so far, on only a few.

This pamphlet, published to mark International Women’s Day, contains articles on extraordinary women – from Nadezhda Krupskaya to Leila Khaled, from Constance Markievicz to Camila Vallejo – and is our small contribution to this significant and important day.

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Britain Must Break

By James Foley

By 2014 Scotland could be independent from Britain. The prospect alarms the British elite. The Con-Dems and Labour have united to stop it. They are out to convince us that staying in Britain keeps us united and brings us stability.

But sustaining the British state has nothing to do with unity. Westminster politics is increasingly more warlike, more authoritarian, and more elitist. Democratic reforms are long overdue. Archaic relics like the monarchy and the Lords are preserved. Public services are scrapped while trade unions face the most repressive laws in Europe. A pro-American line is assumed on all foreign matters, from Iraq to China.

This pamphlet is a radical Left case for independence. We argue that Scottish culture and identity are not central to the debate. Instead we should make this a referendum on war, democracy and austerity, The Anglo-American mode of politics is failing humanity. The referendum is an opportunity to make the case for a real alternative to the politics and economics that have led us to the worst crisis since the ‘30s.

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